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Episode 10 - Picking Up The Pieces

At the dawn of the first millennium BC, the collapse of the great Near Eastern powers allowed the cultures of Caanan to flourish.While the Phoenicians embarked on a bold new era of maritime expansion, the Hebrews and Arameans carved out new Iron Age kingdoms that would have a lasting impact on the region.

Another Message to Listeners

Hi!Well, a little over a month has passed since I posted the last episode, and what a busy month it has been.The longed-for tapering off I’ve been hoping for has yet to transpire, but I’m still working hard toward my self-imposed deadline of getting the next episode posted before the end of July.Since I’ll be away the better part of next weekend, that puts a little extra pressure on me, but I still think I’ll be able to pull it off.So keep your eyes out for Episode 10, “Picking Up the Pieces,” coming your way soon! Also, my ongoing busy-ness is, unfortunately, making the weekly(-ish) podcast schedule untenable, so I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be dropping back to a bi-weekly schedule for at least the month of August, and possibly for the remainder of the podcast.That’s the only way I feel I can give each episode the time and attention it deserves.Trust me, you do not want to short shrift the Neo-Assyrians – they tend to take things very personally. Thanks again for listening, …