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I just found out that the first few episodes of TAW are no longer showing up on iTunes, which is obviously an issue for new subscribers.  I'm working to address the issue, but in the meantime, if any listeners have any advice on making Blogger and iTunes play nice (via Feedburner) please let me know.  Thanks!  Scott C. 

UPDATE:  Oh Happy Day!!!  All TAW episodes are once again present and accounted for in the iTunes feed.  Thanks to TAW listener Marwan for the heads-up, to our old friend Mike Duncan for ID-ing the problem, and to listener Amberlee for giving me the fix.  You guys are awesome!  Thanks again, Scott C.


  1. Great podcast thanks Scott!!
    I just came across the series 'East to West' on Netflix - listeners may be interested in checking it out. It seems very good, though I have only watched a piece of episode 1 (Between two Rivers) up to the point where they are discussing Göbekli Tepe (öbekli_Tepe#section_8)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, and the recommendation. I'll pass it along to listeners on the Facebook page. Thanks again!


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