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Episode 28 - When the Mede Came

“In winter, as you lie on a soft couch by the fire,
Full of good food, munching on nuts and drinking sweet wine, Then you must ask questions such as these: ‘Where do you come from?Tell me, what is your age? How old were you when the Mede came?’” – Xenophanes of Colophon The return of Harpagus to Anatolia signaled the end of Ionian Greek freedom.After securing his third tyranny, Peisistratos brought stability and prosperity to Athens.Fresh from a series of Eastern conquests, Cyrus II used propaganda and military might to overthrow Nabonidus and claim his third Near Eastern empire.

Episode 27 - Count No Man Happy

“But in every matter it behooves us to mark well the end: for oftentimes God gives men a gleam of happiness, and then plunges them into ruin." – Solon of Athens

Peisistratos’ first two attempts at tyranny were thwarted by the Athenian eupatridae.The Spartans cultivated a reputation as the most fearsome warriors in Greece.Prophesied to destroy a mighty empire, King Croesus of Lydia led Anatolian forces against the Persians and Medes, but the unconventional strategies of Cyrus brought him to a bitter end.