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The Ancient World - Rediscovery

Anniversaries can be fun!Unless you’ve forgotten to buy a gift, and your wife has gotten you something really great - that can be problematic.But I’m here to talk about the fun kind.This April 4 will be the second anniversary of my posting Episode 1 of “The Ancient World.”So I thought it would be a nice, resonant date for launching my new podcast (mini-)series, “The Ancient World – Rediscovery.”I say (mini-)series since it’s both my intention and expectation that the new series will run a dozen or fewer episodes.(Mini-) is in parentheses since, well, “The Ancient World” was also originally supposed to only run for a dozen episodes, so that shows you how well I can plan sometimes.

What will the series be about?This is one book you CAN judge by its cover.  Awhile back, I started thinking that it might be fun to trace the rediscovery of some of these ancient civilizations in the modern era.Not only would give the original series a nice sense of symmetry, and let me explore some other hist…