Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Ancient World - Rediscovery

Anniversaries can be fun!  Unless you’ve forgotten to buy a gift, and your wife has gotten you something really great - that can be problematic.  But I’m here to talk about the fun kind.  This April 4 will be the second anniversary of my posting Episode 1 of “The Ancient World.”  So I thought it would be a nice, resonant date for launching my new podcast (mini-)series, “The Ancient World – Rediscovery.”  I say (mini-)series since it’s both my intention and expectation that the new series will run a dozen or fewer episodes.  (Mini-) is in parentheses since, well, “The Ancient World” was also originally supposed to only run for a dozen episodes, so that shows you how well I can plan sometimes. 

What will the series be about?  This is one book you CAN judge by its cover.  Awhile back, I started thinking that it might be fun to trace the rediscovery of some of these ancient civilizations in the modern era.  Not only would give the original series a nice sense of symmetry, and let me explore some other historical periods, but I was also pretty sure there’d be some interesting stories to tell along the way.  So I picked a number of re-discoveries that I think tie in well with the original series, started researching and writing about them, and – like I said – intend to post the first episode this April 4. 

Technically-speaking, I’m doing my best to keep the process seamless for you, the TAW listener:  same website, same iTunes subscription, same social media links, etc.  If you’re already subscribed (and thanks for staying subscribed!) the first episode should pop right up and you’ll be off and running.  Thanks again for listening, and I hope you enjoy the new series!  - Scott C.