Episode R7 - The Man Who Sold Troy

“Who will persuade me, when I reclined upon a mighty tomb, that it did not contain a hero? – its very magnitude proved this.  Men do not labour over the ignoble and petty dead – and why should not the dead be Homer’s dead?”  - George Gordon, Lord Byron, 1810

Three millennia after its fall, British archaeologist Frank Calvert used clues from Homer, and his own deep knowledge of the region, to establish the most likely site of ancient Troy.  Unable to finance the excavation, he was compelled to partner with wealthy enthusiast Heinrich Schliemann.


  1. Great episode as always. We were in familiar territory this time as I live in Turkey but man, I had no idea Heinrich Schliemann was such a douche...

    1. Wait until next episode, Schliemann is just warming up ;)


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