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The Making Of

Listener Alexander asked for some feedback for his upcoming Persian history podcast.I thought TAW listeners might be interested in the information as well:

How long did it take you to write the first episode/ how long does it take you to write a typical episode now that you're in full swing?
It’s hard to recall the timing on Episode 1, but I can certainly tell you how long it takes nowadays. The first step is finding a few good reference books (or other materials) and perusing them.The time needed for that can vary pretty widely.After I’ve reviewed the materials, the next (and main) step involves around 8 – 12 hours of solid writing.Then I usually let the draft episode “sit” for a few days, then come back to it once or twice more to fine-tune things a bit.When you add in researching pronunciations, etc., I’d say 12 – 16 hours of work per episode is pretty ballpark, and 20 isn’t unusual.Which is why I decided to go with a 2-week schedule.Since I have a “regular job,” this is all even…

Episode R9 - The Flood

“Surpassing all kings, powerful and tall
beyond all others, violent, splendid, a wild bull of a man, unvanquished leader, hero in the front lines, beloved of his soldiers – fortress they called him, protector of the people, raging flood that destroys all defenses…” – the Epic of Gilgamesh
George Smith’s 1872 discovery of the Mesopotamian Flood tablet won him widespread acclaim.Four years later, his ill-timed expedition to Nineveh would end in tragedy.