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Episode B3 - Ephebus

Synopsis: Juba accompanies Octavian during the conquest of Egypt.

“Thus was Egypt enslaved.” – Cassius Dio, Rome, Book LI

Octavian Family Tree:

Over One Million Served!

Last week TAW hit its latest major milestone - the million download mark!And I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you dedicated listeners for making it happen. This podcast has obviously gone on much longer, and reached a much wider audience, than I ever envisioned, and I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you’ve given me along the way.

Also, just so you know, I am completely obsessed with “Bloodline,” so you can count on plenty more episodes coming your way over the weeks and months to come.

Take care, and thanks again! Scott C.

Episode B2 - Rex Socius Amicusque

Synopsis: The early years of Juba II, fostered in the family of Octavian and Octavia.

“(Scipio) increased the honor by observing, that among the Romans there was nothing more magnificent than a Triumph; and that those who triumphed were not arrayed with more splendid ornaments than those with which the Roman people considered Massinissa alone, of all foreigners, worthy.” – Livy, The History of Rome, Book XXX