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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to the TAW Syria Fund Drive.In the end, we raised over $5,000 to help preserve Syrian heritage sites and support Syrian refugees.You guys definitely came through, and I really appreciate it.Big TAW thanks go out to all the following donors (in no particular order):

Patricia Matson (in Memory of Lloyd and Tina Elkins) Parker Newcomb Kevin McFaddenAimee Popp Terry DillonRichie Walker Antti RasinenGeorgi Petrov Gnanadeep KolliparaJohan Torne Rita MathisJulie Jones Travis AndersonMatthew Smith Joseph CiglianoPaul and Meg Strong Michele DanaGary Jones Steven DiamondJulius (Jay) Bennett Brenda BuxtonColby Stearns Ned MastroBrent Mallinckrodt Matthew BrauerGreg Strasburg Ryan MurphyChristophe Mandy Benjamin AmyBriauna Dodson Mark SimmsRichard Burgess Jan Willem van DalenRadu-Iulian Costin Brian CollinsJulienne Tracy Darren HartJared Magee