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Episode B24 - The Yona Kings

Synopsis:The Macedonian kingdoms of Central Asia endured for centuries before being absorbed into the Kushan Empire.Hadrian’s actions in Judea spark a third Jewish Revolt.

"Has it ever happened to you, O king, that rival kings rose up against you as enemies and opponents? -Yes, certainly. -Then you set to work, I suppose, to have moats dug, and ramparts thrown up, and watch towers erected, and strongholds built, and stores of food collected? -Not at all. All that had been prepared beforehand. -Or you had yourself trained in the management of war elephants, and in horsemanship, and in the use of the war chariot, and in archery and fencing? -Not at all. I had learnt all that before. -But why? -With the object of warding off future danger." – Milinda Panha (The Questions of King Menander), Book III, Chapter 7 Map of Central Asia:

Episode B23 - Parthicus

Synopsis:At the far point of his campaign, Trajan’s Eastern conquests begin to slip from his fingers.

“Thence he came to the (Persian Gulf) itself, and when he had learned its nature and seen a boat sailing to India, he said: ‘I should certainly have cross over to the Indi, if I were still young.’He gave much thought to the Indi, and was curious about their affairs.Alexander he counted a happy man and at the same time declared that he himself had advanced farther.This was the tenor of the dispatch that he forwarded to the Senate, although he was unable to preserve even what territory had been subdued.” – Cassius Dio, Rome, Book 68 The Near East c. 116AD - Provinces and Kingdoms
The Near East c. 116AD - Major Cities