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Episode B24, “The Yona Kings”, closes out the second story arc of “The Ancient World – Bloodline.”The first dozen episodes – which I guess you could call the “Mauretanian story arc” – covered the final years of Antony and Cleopatra, then discussed the lives of Cleopatra Selene, Juba and their son Ptolemy – all the way up through his murder by Caligula.The next dozen episodes – the “Judean story arc” – started with Ptolemy’s daughter Drusilla and her marriages to Marcus Antonius Felix and Gaius Julius Sohaemus.We then covered Drusilla’s short-lived son Gaius Julius Alexio, her grandson Silas, and began the story of Silas’ three sons: Longinus, Agrippa and Sohaemus.

So far it’s breaking down to around 3 generations, and around a dozen episodes, per story arc.Which I didn’t particularly plan for but will totally take - since round numbers are always nice.What that also means is that - based on my calculations - we’re around halfway done with the “Bloodline” series.Which sounds like a good…