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Episode B28 - Bestiarius

Synopsis:Julia Domna marries Septimius Severus and gives birth to Caracalla and Geta.Left behind in Rome with her young children, Julia watches as Commodus re-founds the Empire in his own image.

"The effect of Commodus upon the Romans was worse than that of all pestilences and all villainies.” – Cassius Dio, Rome, Book 72 Detailed Map of the Roman Empire ( Julia Domna Family Tree:

Episode B27 - Lucifugus

Synopsis:Julia Domna was daughter of the Emesene High Priest, destined to marry a king.Then she met Septimius Severus.

"Our history now descends from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust.” - Cassius Dio, Rome, Book 71 “The primitive Christians perpetually trod on mystic ground, and their minds were exercised by the habits of believing the most extraordinary events.” – Edward Gibbon, The Christians and the Fall of Rome Bloodline Family Tree (c. 182AD):