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Another Break

I wanted to let everyone know that the latest Episode, “Perish in Blood”, will be the last one for a month or two.I’ll be off on Vacation for a while, and generally taking a break.In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying the Severan story arc.Like I mentioned early on, the extended family of Julia Domna was the original inspiration of the series, and I’m hoping to flesh out all the family members as much as I can.At the same time, I’m planning to give a lot of attention to the Sasanids, including their history and background, their conflict with the Parthians, and - eventually - their conflict with Julia Domna’s great-nephew, Severus Alexander.So, look for all that when I pick the story back up in a month or two.

In the meantime, please do a couple things to support the show.First, for those of you on iTunes, please swing by and review The Ancient World.You can just give it a starred rating, or you can also leave a comment, which I always love to read.And second, The Ancient World m…