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Samsigeramus, Zenobia, and the End of the Bloodline

After listening to Episode B43, astute listener Jacob asked (on the TAW Facebook page): "So with the death of Samsigeramus is that technically the end of the Bloodline as far as we can prove?"My answer is a reluctant but unqualified “yes.”Samsigeramus, like Severus Alexander, may well have been a tenth generation descendant of Cleopatra and Mark Antony - though it’s worth noting that the generations (and exact connections) between Gaius Julius Alexio and Julius Bassianus are pretty sparsely documented.In the Bloodline series I’ve proposed what I think is a reasonable reconstruction to span the requisite gaps.

But even that’s a six-lane freeway compared to the dusty unmarked trail connecting Cleopatra’s descendants – in any reasonable way – to the Palmyrene Queen Zenobia.My initial research hinted at connections, and I used those connections to frame the series.But I’ve since read works by modern historians who argue (convincingly) that there’s just no “there” there.Zenobia’s …