Friday, March 23, 2018

Episode B54 - Efqa

Synopsis:  Monotheism, modern Syria, the world’s first romance story, and the end of the Bloodline.

“The oasis and town of Palmyra owe their existence to the plentiful spring that runs from Jebel Muntar.  This spring dominates a narrow passage in the principal route between the Homs pass and the Euphrates River and is in the heart of the Syrian desert.  The oasis furnishes a resting place between Iraq and Central Syria, and it was a primary stop for caravans plying between the Gulf, Iran, and the Mediterranean.” – Khaled Al-Asaad and Adnan Bounni, Palmyra: History, Monuments & Museum


  1. Just finished the last of Bloodlines. Been listing since '13 or so I think, and look forward to your next project. You do great work.

    1. Thanks Vince! Very happy to hear you've been listening so long & enjoying all the series. It's great fun for me, but also hard work, so looking forward to a break. Take care! - Scott C.

    2. I've listened and loved every single one of them. You're top quality - on the same level as Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin. Why aren't sponsors throwing you money?

    3. Scott! Love these, but looking for a way to start from the beginning.

    4. Sorry for the late reply, was off on vacation. To listen in sequence, I recommend getting the episodes off iTunes, Stitcher, or some other podcasting websites or apps. Thanks!

  2. I can get all episodes through podcast app on iPhone. Go to Available Episodes..
    Awesome work Scott! Thanks.