Episode T5 - Balas

Synopsis: Demetrius struggles to preserve his throne but ends up falling in battle.  Alexander Balas begins his reign by marrying Ptolemy’s daughter, Cleopatra Thea.  While the sons of Demetrius remain a threat, the couple are also forced to confront the growing menace of Parthia.

“Then gathered king Alexander great forces, and camped over against Demetrius.  And after the two kings had joined battle, Demetrius’ host fled: but Alexander followed after him, and prevailed against them.  And he continued the battle very sore until the sun went down: and that day was Demetrius slain.” – 1 Maccabees



  1. I'm in SF too. Started reading World History, from the very beginning. Combined with art history. Your podcasts are fantastic, thank you. If you start a book club or something let me know.


    1. Hi Doug! Thanks for stopping by, glad you're enjoying the podcasts. I'll definitely loop you in if ever do a local get-together. Take care! - Scott


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